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"Exceptional methodology, the best I’ve heard, really resonated. Martin's presentation is unique, powerful, useful and interesting."

Dr Jack Jacoby - Chief Executive Officer

Martin Probst, international author and Chief Education Officer at PROfound Leadership shares:

The Shocking Truth About Losing Your Cool

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to calmly and confidently deal with conflict

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Are you a manager who is flying off the handle with your staff faster than you can say “I am out of here”? Having delivered elite strategies to many successful managers, we know that not being able to keep calm in these situations might make you doubt your abilities as a manager.

Do you long to be a confident and fulfilled manager? What do you think being seen as Mr. Nasty is costing you? You could be waking up every morning knowing that you are a positive role model not only for your employees, but for your family and friends as well.

And that is exactly why we developed this training video series, valued at $144. The videos are for 3 types of managers:


  1. Managers who want to stay in control of how they react to challenges 100% of the time
  2. Managers who want to be confident leaders feeling comfortable talking to any stakeholder
  3. Managers who want to be positive role models for those around them
Exceptional methodology, the best I’ve heard, really resonated.
Dr Jack Jacoby

Chief Executive Officer

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