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"Exceptional methodology, the best I’ve heard, really resonated. Martin's presentation is unique, powerful, useful and interesting."

Dr Jack Jacoby - Chief Executive Officer

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Do you ever:

  • Know that you have the technical skills, but find the human aspects of the job difficult?
  • Feel that you are not the one calling the shots?
  • Struggle to gain trust and respect from people around you?
  • Want to be more confident in your leadership abilities?
  • Feel isolated and have nobody to talk to?
  • Want to do professional development, but simply lack time?

Many managers are denied the opportunity to up-skill their interpersonal capabilities. They know they need to improve their interpersonal skills, but simply don’t know how, or lack time.

However, not taking your lack of leadership confidence and skills seriously could have major consequences that go way beyond your current position. Lack of confidence not only in your abilities as a manager but also in yourself as a person will prevent you from establishing your reputation as an outstanding manager and leader. Consequently, it will prevent you from kicking goals and feeling fulfilled in your professional life, and you are likely to slip under the radar for future career opportunities.

If you are struggling with a profound knowledge of interpersonal communication, values and beliefs, core needs, and conflict resolution, don’t let unnecessary unawareness steal another day. Enrol in our online short course, and be amazed how simple yet effective our strategies are. We show you how to think smarter, work easier and achieve more. Our CEO is not afraid to share his extensive knowledge with you, which is why you will instantly profit from the “Leadership Fast-tracked” online course.

It is for managers like you that we developed these short, sharp and practical training videos. And the best? You have complete flexibility around when, where and how you want to watch them! Where else do you get that?

Exceptional methodology, the best I’ve heard, really resonated.
Dr Jack Jacoby

Chief Executive Officer

They [the clients] will find fantastic strategies to overcome their obstacles whether they are of business, relationship or personal nature.

Payroll Administration Officer

My experience with Martin and the coaching techniques he applies have been 100% positive.
Luke A

Business Owner

It blows my mind that Martin Probst can deliver that kind of mindset change in such a short period of time.
Kirsty Milligan

Managing Director, Kirsty Milligan Stylist

You can get the same instant transformations as other PROfound Leadership clients, with the peace of mind that we guarantee you a 100% success rate to improve your leadership skills – or you get your money back **.

So, don’t wait any longer! Once you paid for the Leadership Fast-tracked short course, you will get access to the online platform with 20 empowering training videos.

PLUS, if you are quick, you will receive the digital editions of our “Master Your Mind” book  and Leadership Journal, as well as many strategy ebooks as a bonus. The offer is incredible: 5 hours of elite leadership strategies delivered by our Chief Education Officer Martin Probst himself, plus his 330-page leadership book, journal and online Leadership Vault. A total value of over $600!

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What do I get?

  • Short (10-15 minute) tutorials for maximum impact
  • No fluff, no BS - everything straight to the point
  • Watch on mobile, tablet or computer
  • All videos have English captions
  • Full lifetime access

What Will I Learn?

  • Communicating with impact
  • Gaining effective self-leadership skills
  • Taking control of my leadership success
  • Creating a mindset of excellence
  • Transforming my interpersonal skills
  • Bringing congruence to my thoughts, action and goals

What Do I Need?

  • Access to email and internet
  • A willingness to invest into yourself
  • The motivation to watch videos

Check out this example video


Add the course to your cart
and pay via credit card or PayPal


Receive access via email
and enrol into the course


Full support
while you study

Price: $350 AUD (incl GST)

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