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Award Badge Topo Leadership Develoment Training Coaching- Black and White version
Award Badge Learning Professional of the Year - Black and White version



About PROfound Leadership

- why you want to choose us to teach you powerful strategies.

Bringing award-winning learning impact to you.

PROfound Leadership is a dynamic Melbourne based business that operates throughout Australia and internationally. Our Learning & Development programs have been successful in promoting greater confidence and heightened leadership skills in individuals and teams, enabling them to make smarter choices and achieve significantly and measurably better outcomes.

Our award-winning learning impact empowers organisations, teams and individuals through effective and proven leadership strategies, to unleash maximum potential and succeed in an ever-changing environment. We know that one approach won’t suit everyone, so it’s part of our philosophy to tailor all our services to our clients’ needs. Hence, we offer a range of services to create flexibility and cater for different learning styles in the form of on-site workshops, leadership programs, one-on-one coaching & mentoring sessions, as well as user-friendly online courses.

Who you will connect with

Martin Probst

Martin Probst

CEO - Chief Education Officer

Find out more about Martin

Martin is an award-winning Learning Professional who helps managers and team leaders to empower themselves with skills of the future, so they can lead with confidence and positively impact the people around them through their actions and authentic leadership style.

Martin’s endeavour to make a lasting impact in the Learning & Development space has seen him spending well over 20 years travelling the world, studying the field of self-development and human potential. He understands what it means to work in pressured environments and the importance of becoming the best at what you do. His background and experience working with a wide variety of cultures and range of industries include:

Education | Hospitality | Procurement | Retail | Finance | Compliance | IT | Marketing

This deep knowledge and understanding enables rapid rapport and trust to develop. He is Master Certified in numerous personal transformation modalities and is an all-round nice guy with an infectious laugh.

His mission to maximise human potential and achieve peak performance in a supportive environment have led to:

  • Working in different industries on 6 continents for over 30 years
  • Certified Learning Facilitator (Institute for Learning & Performance) and other modalities
  • Designing and delivering over 120 workshops and speaking engagements
  • Teaching over 10 years in formal education
  • Facilitating over 1,000 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Authoring 6 Australian and international books, audio books and leadership journal
  • Serving as an adviser and member on various committees & boards


Awards - Learning Professional of the Year - Learning Provider of the Year - Wyndham Business Awards - ILP

  • 2019 Australian Learning Impact Awards
    • Learning Professional of the Year
    • Highly Commended Learning Provider of the Year

2019 Wyndham Business Awards

  • Professional Services Small Finalist

Today, Martin is directly impacting the lives of many people and organisations in Australia and around the globe through his simple-yet-effective and solution-based leadership strategies, so they can successfully deal with the human aspects of the business.

Please connect with Martin on LinkedIn and if you have any questions, please feel free to send him an email.

Qualifications - Martin Probst - ABNLP - The Coaching Institute - ILP - CLF - IICS


Gerda Probst

Gerda Probst

CEO - Chief Efficiency Officer

Find out more about Gerda

A founding member of PROfound Leadership, Gerda is renowned for seeing opportunities everywhere, and is constantly joining the dots between our services and our clients, her number one priority.

Gerda has a unique ability to mix practicality with creativity by drawing from her vast experience in finance, hospitality, banking, administration and being a mother of 2. Her 20 years in the workforce has seen her combine her passion for travel with earning a living, and successfully completing a Diploma in Business and Certificate lV in Business Administration.

Today, Gerda is PROfound Leadership’s Chief Efficiency Officer and makes sure things don’t explode. She is responsible for policies and procedures, marketing, website design and maintenance, finances and budgeting, events, information technology, and any other administration tasks that arise.

Gerda’s passion for superior quality reflects in everything we do, so each experience with us smoothens your path to becoming a confident, fulfilled and authentic leader. Gerda is very thankful for her ability to use her administration skills to empower organisations, teams and individuals to succeed in an ever-changing environment, and thus influence their future and generations to come.

Please connect with Gerda on LinkedIn, and if you have any questions, please contact her via email or 1300 936 313.

“Leadership is about guidance to a clear vision, unlocking true potential and creating excellence as a result of heightened awareness, accountability and inspiring actions.

 It enables confidence, achievements and fulfilment.”

Martin Probst

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Vision, Mission & Values


PROfound Leadership’s vision is to strengthen organisations through human-centred leadership and positively transform their future and generations to come.



    Our mission at PROfound Leadership is to empower organisations, teams and individuals with effective and proven leadership strategies and unleash their full potential to succeed in an ever-changing environment.

    We do this by:

    • Challenging the Status Quo and providing new perspectives
    • Educating and empowering individuals to find their authentic leadership style
    • Building greater confidence, so individuals, teams and organisations can make smarter choices and achieve better outcomes




      Without you, we wouldn’t exist. Our first priority is to ensure that with every interaction you progress further ahead in transforming your organisation. This isn’t just because it makes us happy and proud, but more importantly so you can have a positive impact on generations to come through enhanced leadership skills.


      Your needs come first in everything we do, which is why we commit to life-long learning, continuous improvement and a best practice approach to guarantee our programs’ quality. We deliver excellence, efficiency and award-winning learning impact, so that each experience with us is positive and effective. This includes every event or coaching session you organise or attend, online training course you enrol in, video you watch, blog post you read, and every email you receive.


      Our focus is on long-term commitments to build and foster strong business relationships that are built on a foundation of integrity and open communication to achieve sustainable win-win outcomes.

      Learning Approach

      When you become a PROfound Leadership client, you will experience a fully tailored approach to anything we provide.
      Everything we deliver is designed to accelerate your ability to achieve better outcomes and reap results from confident leadership.

      Our programs set themselves apart from other similar, off-the-shelf training solutions. The coaching sessions, workshop facilitations, leadership programs, keynote speeches and video tutorials are not hypothetical case studies, but much rather based on real situations that our clients are faced with, and always include a solution-based approach to enhance learner engagement and to positively impact business results and learner satisfaction.


      Learning & Developing


      Applying New Learnings


      Reaping Results


      Our learning and development solutions are based on the PROfound Leadership Methodology, developed after extensive research of client needs and analysing prevailing skill gaps in education and the workforce.

      This innovative, learner-led method covers 360 degrees of human-centred leadership and serves as a compass for clients to overcome their challenges and move forward through six areas of development:

      • Identity & Relationships - Who
      • Values, Beliefs & Purpose - Why
      • Competency - How
      • Environment - Where
      • Structure & Planning - When
      • Behaviours & Action - What

      PROfound Methodology - Leadership Skills - Professional Development

      Led by the client’s identified learning needs, the six components are addressed either in the order they appear in the methodology or in a slightly different chronology as required. Our approach is to tailor the program to the client for maximum engagement, satisfaction and business outcomes, which calls for flexibility and innovative delivery design.

      Implementation Strategy

      For the implementation of learnings, we developed and designed the LEADER Learning Methodology, a
      6-step process that provides the clients with a clear strategy and succinct guidance.

        Learning methodology - award-winning learning impact - LEADER - Leadership Skills - Professional Development

        This LEADER step sequence maximises outcomes not only during the Learning & Development session itself, but participants can successfully transfer their learnings into the workplace by a post-training review of the workbook and through follow-up session options if selected.

        Acclaimed for Learning Impact

        Australian Learning Impact Award


        Martin Probst

        Australian Learning Impact Award


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        PROfound Leadership

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