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Online Training / eLearning

– activate your potential with our online options.

Online education has gained immense popularity and has proven to be an effective form of learning.

Flexibility of anytime, anywhere access

Self-paced learning

Low-cost alternative

Comfort of your own home or desk


Greater ability to concentrate

What online courses are available?

All our Leadership eLearning material have been developed and are presented by our director and Chief Education Officer Martin Probst. We design our online training with the learner in mind, cater for a variety of learning preferences, and are not afraid to share all our knowledge.

You can usually only access our training if your workplace books a workshop with us, and you sign up for it. Or if you become one of our selected coaching clients. So, our capacity to reach you with our effective and proven leadership strategies is quite limited. Hence, we decided to consolidate our knowledge and leadership concepts, and created a self-paced, on-demand learning platform: Global Leadership Hub.

Global Leadership Hub - Logo - Online Learning Platform - Leadership Courses - Professional Development

Our flexible and user-friendly online courses will make you a well-rounded global leader and ‘Master in Human-centred Leadership’, covering 21st century topics such as:

  • Presenting with impact
  • Implementing and managing change
  • Empowering others to perform and excel
  • Building resilience
  • Managing difficult behaviours
  • etc.

If you don’t know where and with what to get started, we have a suggested learning pathway for you. You can follow it to make the best of all the content offered.

Or you can start with the course that you believe you can most benefit from right now, and then build on that until you have completed all the courses within our Leadership Capability Framework.

What does the Global Leadership Hub offer?

When you enrol in a microcredential course such as ‘Raising personal effectiveness‘, the following is included:


  • Our simple-yet-effective leadership strategies that you can apply immediately.
  • Lifetime access to the course material so you can go back and deepen your learning.
  • The choice of (professionally produced) video, audio or text to suit your learning style, as well as downloadable workbooks.
  • Access to founder Martin Probst, an award-winning learning professional and bestselling author.
  • Certificate of completion so you can celebrate and share your achievement.
  • Access to our community board to discuss your challenges with other Global Leaders, share your knowledge, bounce ideas off each other, and together find solutions.

Achieve emotional and mental wellbeing – sustainably!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Losing your grip on your wellbeing?
    Have you managed to muddle through for months or years and it now catches up with you?
  • Difficulty focusing on positives?
    Do you feel like everywhere you look are problems, obstacles and challenges?
  • Faced with changes you didn’t ask for?
    Are you being confronted with change and don’t know how to positively deal with it?

Check out the course ‘Building personal resilience on the Global Leadership Hub, discover your strengths, and learn how to adopt a solution-focused mindset!

Take back control today!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Constantly on the back foot?
    Do you feel like you give and give and simply can’t catch up with your tasks?
  • Unsure where to direct the focus?
    Are you being pulled into all different directions and are losing control?
  • Struggling to remain motivated?
    Do you lack a goal and unenthusiastically drag yourself out of bed every morning?

Check out the course ‘Raising personal effectiveness on the Global Leadership Hub, discover your strengths, and transform your leadership skills!

What do past clients think?

It blows my mind that Martin Probst can deliver that kind of mindset change in such a short period of time.

Kirsty Milligan

Managing Director, Kirsty Milligan Stylist

While learning and applying the different strategies, I have learned to listen first. The engagement and communication with my new team is improving. Mainly, I have really enjoyed learning more about myself, how past experiences have affected me and what beliefs I have formed from those experiences. This gave me such insight into my own strengths and weaknesses and what I want to improve and act on.

Camilla Novotna

Founder & Director, ecokit

Thank you for helping me to understand my purpose in life. For the first time in my life I’m feeling an unprecedented overwhelming calmness and inner peace throughout my whole being. All life’s worries and stresses have disappeared and I’m now beginning to truly understand what you have been teaching me.

Robert M


The world belongs to those who take action.

Jay Conrad Levinson

Business Writer

Global Leadership Hub - Online Course Platform - Enrol for free

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Why choose PROfound Leadership?

We are famous for instant and profound results.

Our 1st priority is to ensure that with every interaction, you progress further ahead in your pursuit of greater confidence and heightened leadership skills so you can make smarter choices and achieve better outcomes. Everything we provide is designed to accelerate your ability to create a relaxed and open professional and personal environment where people can grow, contribute and succeed.

We make your experience easy and enjoyable.

We offer a structured, supportive study environment with the flexibility of being online. All our training material is presented in different formats to suit your learning style, plus we offer 12 months personal email support for all our students. This means you can enrol with confidence!

Simple yet powerful leadership strategies

Instant access to courses & digital downloads

Personal and in-depth support

Certification of completion

Access to and support from online community

99% customer satisfaction

Different formats to suit individual learning styles

Exceptional value for money

Learning Approach

Everything we deliver is designed to accelerate your ability to achieve better outcomes and reap results from confident leadership.


Our learning and development solutions are based on the PROfound Leadership Methodology, developed after extensive research of client needs and analysing prevailing skill gaps in education and the workforce.

This innovative, learner-led method covers 360 degrees of human-centred leadership and serves as a compass for clients to overcome their challenges and move forward through six areas of development:

  • Identity & Relationships - Who
  • Values, Beliefs & Purpose - Why
  • Competency - How
  • Environment - Where
  • Structure & Planning - When
  • Behaviours & Action - What

PROfound Methodology - Leadership Skills - Professional Development

Led by the client’s identified learning needs, the six components are addressed either in the order they appear in the methodology or in a slightly different chronology as required. Our approach is to tailor the program to the client for maximum engagement, satisfaction and business outcomes, which calls for flexibility and innovative delivery design.

Implementation Strategy

For the implementation of learnings, we developed and designed the LEADER Learning Methodology, a 6-step process that provides the clients with a clear strategy and succinct guidance.

    Learning methodology - award-winning learning impact - LEADER - Leadership Skills - Professional Development

    This LEADER step sequence maximises outcomes not only during the Learning & Development session itself, but participants can successfully transfer their learnings into the workplace by a post-training review of the workbook and through follow-up session options if selected.

    Global Leadership Hub - Online Course Platform - Enrol for free

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