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Harnessing the Power of the Elements for Effective Conflict Resolution

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How fire, earth, water and air can help us navigate difficult situations​.

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Whether it’s a disagreement with a friend, a family member, or a colleague, conflicts can arise from time to time. And successfully managing conflict is an important leadership skill that can help us navigate difficult situations and come to mutually agreeable solutions. However, it can be challenging to remain calm and objective during a heated argument.


“Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”
Ronald Reagan


The four elements – fire, earth, water, and air – can provide useful insights and strategies for successful conflict resolution. Let’s explore how to use these elements to resolve conflicts effectively.



Fire represents intense emotions such as anger or frustration, which can often be at the root of conflicts. However, it can also represent passion and motivation, which can be harnessed in a positive way to resolve conflicts. In conflict resolution, individuals can use this energy and drive to stay focused on finding a resolution, rather than getting caught up in negative emotions.

In a leadership context, we can channel our passion for a project towards finding a solution to a conflict between team members. This can help to motivate the team and work towards a common goal.



Earth represents stability, grounding, and a sense of rootedness. In conflict resolution, being grounded can help individuals stay calm and focused, even during a heated argument.

In a leadership role, we can use this element to maintain composure and stay centred in our position during a discussion. This can help us to listen actively to others and express our own needs in a clear and constructive way. It can also help to avoid misunderstandings and defensiveness, which can often escalate conflicts.


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Water represents emotions and empathy. In conflict resolution, it’s important to be able to understand and empathise with the other person’s perspective, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it.

Within a leadership framework, we can use this element to communicate more effectively and find common ground. This can help to foster a sense of mutual understanding and respect, which is essential for resolving conflicts. However, we should also be aware of potential manipulation tactics. Water can also represent tears, which can sometimes be used as an exploitation tool by the aggressor in the conflict. It’s important to recognise this and not let the aggressor fall into the role of the victim by crying.



Air represents communication, clarity, and perspective. In conflict resolution, it’s important to be able to communicate thoughts and feelings clearly and effectively, while also being open to hearing the other person’s perspective.

From a leader’s perspective, we can use this element to bring an objective and rational perspective to the conflict. By doing so, individuals can work together to find solutions that benefit everyone involved. This can also help to avoid misunderstandings and defensiveness, which can often escalate conflicts.

To sum it up

In order to effectively use the four elements for conflict resolution, individuals should:

  • Fire: Harness passion and energy in a positive way
  • Earth: Stay grounded and calm
  • Water: Avoid manipulation tactics
  • Air: Work together to find a solution that benefits everyone involved


As leaders, it’s important to maintain a focus on our shared goals and encourage collaborative effort toward a positive conflict resolution. Such an approach can foster a culture of cooperation, respect, and positivity among team members. By adopting this strategy, we can resolve conflicts in a constructive and optimistic way, promoting stronger relationships and deeper mutual understanding. Ultimately, this demonstrates the most positive form of behavioural change.


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Sofia Semhan
Sofia Semhan
Amazing experience. Great leadership presentation and exposition delivered by Martin. All the assistants were incredibly open to talk and connect. I invite everyone to participate!
Martin is a great educator and delivered an excellent program to the senior management team. Martin challenged us to see things differently, lead with confidence. Enhance relationships and to work as one. Martin’s program and guidance has ultimately helped us to improve communication and team work and empower individuals to grow and lead teams.
Melissa Wheeler
Melissa Wheeler
Martin Probst delivered an engaging and in-depth presentation on the DISC model of leadership for the RMIT Executive MBA. His interactive session encouraged students to share their stories and experiences, which added a practical and more authentic discussion that students continued to discuss days later. I would describe Martin as professional AND approachable. His materials (handouts, info sheets) were beautifully designed and very helpful for future reflection and development that extends outside of the session. I look forward to collaborating with Martin again. Dr Melissa Wheeler Executive MBA Facilitator, RMIT University
Ben Hietbrink
Ben Hietbrink
Thank you so much, Martin. I really resonated with your presentation at RMIT Executive MBA, and it has helped me see the world around me in a new and more productive way.
Jodie Verran
Jodie Verran
Martin is a true Yoda in the world of business coaching! His profound leadership wisdom and transformative strategies have been a game-changer for me. The personalised attention and tailored guidance make him stand out. If you want success with a touch of wisdom, Martin is the go-to. Highly recommended! Thank you, Martin, for being the guiding force behind my journey. May the business force continue to be strong with you!
Piyali Biswas
Piyali Biswas
Thank you for hosting the "Leadership Sessions." It was truly impactful and engaging. I'm eagerly looking forward to more sessions in the future.
Rajnish Kumar
Rajnish Kumar
Martin has Indepth understanding of behavioral aspect of performance. His talks on leadership and various management topics immensely helped shaping my own growth journey.
Abbey Exell
Abbey Exell
Our organisation has been so impressed with the professionalism, content and overall interaction with Martin and Gerda at PROfound. They are amazing people and, without doubt, know their space. We hope to continue working with them for many years to come. We highly recommend PROfound to any orgranisation/workplace for staff professional development.
Ailsa Page
Ailsa Page
I attended a presentation by Martin on collaboration and it was great. Succinct, relatable and entertaining. Perfect ingredients for a presentation. Thank you and well done Martin.
Stacey Webb
Stacey Webb
I had the pleasure of attending one of Martin's keynote speeches at the ABLE Author and Book Expo. His wisdom and confidence were truly remarkable. Martin's ability to engage the audience and deliver his message with passion was truly inspiring. Martin's expertise in the field is evident, and I would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker for any event. His presence and delivery are nothing short of exceptional, making him a valuable asset to any occasion.