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Corporate Social Responsibility

- what we do to become socially accountable to us, business partners, environment, stakeholders, and the community.

At PROfound Leadership, we contribute to making the world a better place through a number of steps to return the good deeds to society. We recognise that we exist as part of the bigger system formed with the harmony of the people, values, and nature. And it is our responsibility to become socially accountable to us, our business partners, the environment, our stakeholders, and the community.

PROfound Leadership ensures CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Maintaining cleanliness and emitting fewer or no pollutants
  • Keeping our employees and stakeholders safe
  • Supporting education, and communities by donating
  • Promoting reusing, reducing, and recycling motto
  • Ensuring fair labour practices
  • Respecting the law and honoring politics
  • Maintaining the legality of the business activities
  • Engaging in safe and fair trading
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion

 Below are some insights into these CSR areas.


Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our age. Working with our climate partner Climate Society, PROfound Leadership have signed a pledge to support the UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now initative.

Through this, we joined the global community of organisations committing to act now in order to achieve a climate neutral world by 2050.

PROfound Leadership - UN Climate Neutral New Pledge Signed - CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

About Climate Neutral Now

The Climate Neutral Now Initiative is one of several initiatives launched by the UNFCCC secretariat to increase climate action by engaging non-Party stakeholders (sub-national governments, companies, organizations, individuals). It was launched in 2015 based on a mandate to promote the voluntary use of carbon market mechanisms recognized under the Convention.

It has evolved to become a much wider tool for awareness-raising, capacity building, partnership development, promoting and facilitating the estimation of carbon footprints, the reduction of those footprints, and voluntary compensation (offsetting).  

The Climate Neutral Now Initiative encourages and supports organizations and other interested stakeholders to act now in order to achieve a climate neutral world by 2050 as enshrined in the Paris Agreement.  The initiative is NOT a certification scheme for its participants. It is a tool to promote additional voluntary action on climate, and to provide recognition for it. Claims of carbon neutrality, net zero or similar are out of the scope of Climate Neutral Now, even when participation in the initiative can help stakeholders advance in their path to achieve those certifications through suitable standards and processes.

An organization can become a participant by signing the Climate Neutral Now Pledge, following the three steps (Measure, Reduce, Contribute) and reporting on its actions and achievements annually. 

Text derived from https://unfccc.int/climate-neutral-now 

What we are doing

Measuring. We have signed the United Nations Climate Neutral Now pledge and measure our carbon emissions annually (click on the image to open the latest report).

PROfound Leadership - Carbon Footprint Report Cover 3D - Climate Neutral Now - UN Pledge

Taking action. We constructed an action plan to reduce our overall emissions with the goal of eliminating them eventually.  Our focus now is on reducing our carbon footprint where possible.  

PROfound Leadership - Emission Reduction Strategy Cover 3D - Climate Neutral Now - UN Pledge

Offsetting our emissions. As a first step in our climate action plan, we are offsetting our emissions through a variety of certified project, i.e. planting trees to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Certificate offseting Profound Leadership 2021-2022 - Climate Neutral Now - UN Pledge - CRS Corporate Social Responsibility

Achieving Gold Status. Based on the data reported, the UN assigns levels for each of the three steps (Measure, Reduce, Contribute). For the past reporting year, we ACHIEVED A GOLD STATUS FOR ALL STEPS.

UN Climate Neutral Now_PROfound Leadership - Gold Status


We are committed to help members of our communities develop the skills they need to thrive and to play a greater part in our economy and society.

We do this through:

  • Volunteering our time and resources for regular leadership sessions offered to the public at no cost (for example through our Meetup group, participation in the yearly Wyndham Learning Festival, assisting NFP organisations with their value elicitation and strategic planning, guest presentations for small organisations or clubs, etc.
  • Donating 10% of our Leadership Journal sales price to The Smith Family, a charity that works every day with thousands of children and their families to help them unlock better futures for themselves.
  • Sponsorship funding of leadership programs to support emerging leaders to unleash their full potential.
  • And much more.

Responsible business

We are committed to build trust and achieve positive impact and outcomes for our people, clients, suppliers, and all stakeholders. When exploring different ways of achieving this, we are guided by our values, ethics and morals.

Our responsible business activities include:

  • Sound governance, independence and compliance, always maintaining the legality of business activities.
  • Conducting business with integrity through safety and fair dealing and respect toward the customer.
  • Keeping partnerships and collaborations open and transparent.
  • Ensuring physical and emotional health and wellbeing for our employees.
  • Realising the potential of our people through opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion organisation-wide and within our leadership programs.
  • Preparing for and adapting to a highly dynamic world so our clients can achieve their potential.
  • Purchasing and favouring fair trade products and services.
  • Sustainability through continuous improvement of business practices.

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