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What’s your value?

by | 10 Jan, 2017 | Values, Beliefs & Purpose

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Core values are not a descriptions of the work you do, your leadership qualities and skills, or the strategies you employ to accomplish your mission – it is the other way around.

The values trigger your work, how you interact with others, and which strategies you employ to accomplish your mission. Therefore it is crucial that your core values support your vision; they are the essence of your identity.

Leaders with good core values will show their true colours, successfully exercise self control, and earn their team’s as well as manager’s long-term respect. Remember that people don’t connect with WHAT you do, but they will connect with WHY you do it. If you fail to identify and lead by your core values, you will fail as a leader. If you, however, know exactly what your core values are and use them as a compass with whatever you do, you will set the tone in establishing the quality of the work environment for your team.

What are your top 5 core values, in order of importance?


There are many fine values, such as courtesy, ingenuity, perseverance, confidence etc. The trouble is that the list of values grows easily and can cause you to lose focus and prioritise.  A ‘short list’ of maximum 5 values is far more useful.



Now, review your identified top 5 core values. How well are they aligned with your vision (please refer to the blog post “Know your WHY first” if you are unclear about this)? How well do you execute and live by them? Are these values your own, or did you ‘inherit’ them? Do these values carry positive energy and light emotions, or are there limiting beliefs surrounding these values that you need to get rid of and change?


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Your core values and beliefs are the compass that keep you on the path to your ultimate WHY. Review them frequently to ensure you are staying on track by demonstrating daily habits that are aligned with and support your goals and desires. It is easy to get caught up in life and business, and what is being thrown at us every single day.

Famous last words: Recognise the importance of taking responsibility for your actions, as well as actually taking action. Only this will get you towards your desired outcome. Otherwise, every step you take just gets you to the wrong place faster.

If you want to learn more about how to identify and align your core values...

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