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Who wants to cancel Christmas?

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At least 9 reasons why you would choose to opt out of this stressful period.

We are heading into a time that unfortunately has become one of the craziest and sometimes unpleasant and challenging of the year. We learned from our valued clients that the extended holidays, Christmas and New Year offer plenty of reasons to be stressed, overwhelmed and anxious.

Most of us try doing too much in too little time – organising Kris Kringle and other presents, baking, cooking, attending office and club parties, catching up with friends and relatives, fulfilling the burdens and obligations of family traditions and expectations, and so much more.

We are picking a fight with time and social obligations just like Br’er Rabbit picked a fight with the Tar Baby in Uncle Remus’ story. And, as you might be aware, the more he punches the Tar Baby, the more he becomes stuck.

Following are at least 9 reasons why you get stressed and anxious at this time of year, and would want to opt out of it altogether:

  1. Ridiculous family expectations
  2. Everybody wanting to wrap up things at work
  3. Dealing with family members being their same old selves
  4. Your fear of losing control and being at the mercy of your relatives
  5. Facing old rivalries, strained relationships or recent arguments
  6. Re-living unhappy memories at this time of the year
  7. Dealing with dysfunctional families
  8. Being steam-forced by all the family traditions
  9. Feeling alone
  10. [Insert more reason here…]


How can you face your stress, problems, fears and doubts?

Often, it is as simple as looking at the problem from a different perspective, because things are not always as they seem. Often the way we look at the problem IS the problem!

If you believe the problem is out there, you empower what’s out there to control you. Ask yourself “what changes CAN I make in order to change what’s out there”. In other words, any attempt you make to control other people puts you within their control. For example: If you can only be happy once your relatives understand and accept you, their dysfunction will rule your life because you are directly affected by them and their actions.


Time to make changes that are in your control!

Following are a few strategies that will positively impact the way you handle these upcoming four or five weeks:

  • Have realistic expectations and don’t aim for miracles
  • Don’t try to solve all the family feuds – you can’t be everybody’s rescuer
  • Don’t worry about how things should be – create new traditions
  • Change your outlook and stop doing the same old thing
  • Focus on what you can control and let go of the things you can’t control
  • Make sure you book some time for yourself – you’re too important to be forgotten

These listed points are a few of the options available to you, to change things in the upcoming holiday season and to swap stress and anxiety for reflection and appreciation.

“Dare to make a difference!”



… of course we understand that what makes perfect sense on a conscious level can easily be forgotten and thrown out of the window half an hour into the family reunion. Yes, nothing is stickier than a Tar Baby (or crazy family dynamics). So, we created a variety of Festive Season Coaching Packages for you.

If you’re looking for:

  • Support to get through the rest of the year and start with a clear vision in the NEW YEAR
  • Leadership skills to be in control and empowered, and become the master of your own destiny
  • Help to explore the most important topic on the planet – YOU
  • Ways to overcome the fears and doubts that are holding you back
  • Tools to let go of old, unresourceful habits and make changes in your life
  • The ability to set clear boundaries and make powerful decisions
  • Renewing your self-confidence and self-respect
  • Strategies to get out of the ‘drama cycle’
  • Taking full responsibility for your own healing and positive future
  • Courage to be YOU

… then give yourself the most valuable gift this Christmas: Say YES to yourself! Complete the form below, give us a call on 1300 936 313 or email us: [email protected] to discuss a package tailored exactly to your needs.


It has been a truly amazing experience to have Martin as my coach. My attitude towards my husband, step-kids, mother and all my family has improved by 100%. I now take responsibility for my action instead of expecting everyone else to. Thank you Martin you’ve helped me to become the woman I always wanted and knew I could be.


I turned to Martin at PROfound Leadership at my time in need and he was amazing. Martin brought sincerity, compassion and a wealth of knowledge that helped me enormously in dealing with my situation. Martin has taught me the tools I require to maintain and develop myself and all the values important to me. We worked on every aspect of my life including dealing with my past, which was a huge success in my growth. Martin at PROfound Leadership has helped me enormously and I highly recommend him.


Now over to you. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

Because if not YOU, then who? If not NOW, then when?


Take the first step now, and complete the form below to get some obligation-free information and pricing.

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If you want to learn more about personal and professional development...

… team up with us, and get PROfound Leadership on your support team!


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