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Lead by example

by | 27 Dec, 2016 | Environment, Identity & Relationship

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

As an inspirational and successful leader, part of your job is to encourage the people around you to push themselves and subsequently the company to greatness. In order to do this, you must show them the way by doing it yourself. You must be their role model and lead them by example, and create a picture of what is possible. You need to follow the example of ‘Show, don’t tell.’ Following are a few role model behaviours:

  • Be your team’s advocate. You need to do your homework, and follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Remove obstacles, be persistent and show that obstacles don’t define you, them or the company.
  • Create solutions. Be the first to offer solutions, and then ask your team for more. In a solution-driven culture, employees exchange ideas, create responsive relationships, and really work as a team.
  • Show your capabilities. People don’t care what you know until you demonstrate what you know. Your competencies are an opportunity to express who you are, what you do and why you do it.
  • Take responsibility. To achieve great team results, you need to exhibit accountability. See it, own it, solve it and do it.
  • Make time. Ensure that you schedule time for your employees. Busy day-to-day management can easily let you forget the biggest asset you have as a leader; your team. Engage your employees, and get a better understanding for who they are, what they do, what they want, and what they bring to the table.
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  • Provide stability. Stay calm and cool in tense situations, to ensure your credibility as a leader. Focus on self-care practices and make them a way of life.
  • Be consistent. If you want to grow as a leader, you need a track record of success. You can’t establish a track record if you are constantly shifting gears or trying new strategies.
  • Express your enthusiasm. You need to have passion for what you do in order to be successful. When you are the initiator and make things happen, you transform your dedication to enthusiasm seamlessly.
  • Communicate clearly and positively. Successful people can’t thrive on a negative dialogue. Make sure you respond to team members and maintain clear lines of communication.
  • Listen, learn, lead. If you don’t ask and listen, you will never know. The better you get to know your employees and their work processes, the more you will gain insights and discover personal growth and workflow efficiency opportunities.
  • Value wellbeing. Management of your energy for high performance must be non-negotiable for you and your team. This may include: eating healthily, limiting coffee and alcohol consumption, meditating daily, consistently sleeping 8 hours, moving your body, practicing mindfulness, etc.

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